Sonoran Sea Resort - Parking Policy & Procedure

Policy #: S-2

Version: 1.1

Policy Purpose:  To ensure the Sonoran Sea Resort parking lot is used for the appropriate purposes.

CCR Reference: 

ARTICLE 17-Chapter III: To park, place, build, repair, clean or maintain vehicles or vessels outside the places designated for such purposes. At all times, it should be avoided for said vehicles and vessels to have a dirty or abandoned appearance. Parking for recreational vehicles are only allowed in designated areas. ATV’s that are off trailers are not allowed to be driven around the parking lot except to enter or exit.

Specifics:  Cars and trucks are to park within the designated spaces – guards are to notify renters and/or owners if they are not parked correctly or taking up 2 spaces. Long term storage of autos, trailers, or recreational vehicles in the parking lot while the owner is not present on the property is not permitted.


Handicapped spaces are reserved for autos that have a handicap sticker from either Mexico, U.S., or Canada. There is no short-term storage of vehicles in the handicapped spaces- you must be on-site to use these spaces. Any vehicle that is parked in these spaces without the applicable designation will be asked by security to move their vehicle immediately.

Contractors and guests visiting the Restaurant, security will issue a magnetic cone to place over the hood to identify them and to make sure they don’t stay overnight.

Each cone will be colored different to identify between Restaurant, Contractors, and Visitors. Security must register every car license plate and driver before letting them into the resort to have control of the access.

Revision History:


Release procedure for review.

Date: 09/28/2022