Owners Railing Install Timing and Status

Below is the railing install schedule for each building.  Note that this project requires an entire column to be shut down at the same time during installation as there will a crane mounted on the roof to lower the railings in place to ensure the safety of owners, guests, and renters. Safety is the priority of the HOA and we won’t take any chances. 


Also, please note due to liability reasons your condo may not be rented during the period the new railings are being installed. However, if an Owner wishes to use their own condo or for those that live here full time you may stay in your condo but you will need to sign a liability release form, and of course we do not recommend you going out to your terrace for safety reasons. There will be workers coming in and out of your condo during the installation.


Dates will be provided to owners the week of December 10th.

  • Block your unit for the time frame sent by the HOA office.
  • Ensure the HOA office has access to your unit.
  • Make sure there are no valuables left in sight (money, jewelry, others).


The contractor will not be working the weeks of Spring Break (March 4th-26th) and Semana Santa (April 2nd – 9th). 

West Building Railing Install Schedule

East Building Railing Install Schedule