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Posted on Dec 09, 2021

Welcome to the 4th quarter and Final 2021 edition of the Sonoran Sea Resort HOA newsletter.
Our Sonoran Sea Resort HOA newsletter is issued on a quarterly basis. We encourage you to connect with other owners via the Facebook groupnote this group is an owners group, not monitored or run by the HOA (https://www.facebook.com/groups/SonoranSeaHomeOwners) and sign up for the HOA updates via Vivook in order to get real time updates on our resort in the interim.
If you haven’t yet, please sign up for the owners section on the SonoranSeaResort.org website. Minutes, documents, newsletters and other information are available on the site. You can register for the site at this link:  https://www.sonoransearesort.org/owners/register.
If you’d like to suggest content (or better yet volunteer) for the Newsletter, please send an email to newsletter@sonoransearesort.org.
Important Dates

HOA AC Meetings: 3rd Tues Each Month

HOA SC Meetings: 2nd Tues Qtly (Mar, Jun, Sep, Dec)


Next GOM (General Owners Meeting):
Apr 30, 2022

AC News – President: Jerry McKinney

Happy Holidays to you and yours during this holiday season. This is a wonderful time of year in Puerto Penasco. Cooler weather, beautiful sunsets, smaller crowds, and special times with friends and family. The holiday season is a time to celebrate our blessings and reflect upon the beauty around us.

The employee Christmas party is scheduled on December 8th. This is a wonderful time for the employees to take a moment, celebrate the holiday season, and enjoy each other’s company during a festive evening. The employees thank those Owners who have graciously made donations for this year’s Christmas party. Your donations are sincerely appreciated.
The HOA office and board members thank those Owners who participated in the November 6, 2021 HOA meeting. As a reference point, we have welcomed over 25 new Owners this calendar year 2021 to the Sonoran Sea. It is encouraging that several new Owners have chosen to volunteer for the Sonoran Sea boards as we collectively work to improve the resort.
For those of you unable to attend or listen in to the Zoom call, a summary of the meeting highlights has been prepared as interim information before the official notarized minutes are released. You are encouraged to review the draft HOA Meeting Summary posted to the Owner’s website (URL: https://sonoransearesort.org/owners/login)
Key highlights from the meeting include:
  • Owner approval of the CY22 budget
  • Tile replacement process and tile samples
  • Sonoran Sea Owner’s Critical Information (due by 2/1/22).
  • Required Annual Preventive Maintenance Inspection (due by 3/1/22)
If you have any questions on these items, please contact the HOA office immediately to ensure the approved deadlines are met.
We continue to prioritize improvements and strive to achieve the four key principles for our resort – Safety, Professionally Serviced, Well-Maintained, & Financially Solvent. In the area of well-maintained, we struggled in completing the heated pool refinishing in a timely manner. This delay was disappointing to all of us. The heated aqua bar pool is now available for Owners and guests to enjoy during the cooler weather. We have over 45 tasks and projects prioritized for Maintenance and external contractors to complete in the near future. Owners may view the list of prioritized projects at any time on the display screen in the HOA office or posted monthly on the Owner’s website. In addition, you may view the larger Sonoran Sea projects approved in the CY22 budget from the HOA presentation material.
In the area of safety, we completed an Owner’s Safety Training program the afternoon of November 5th at Ramon’s Restaurant. Over twenty (20) Owners participated in the safety program with highlights including defibrillator use, evacuation procedures, CPR and choking training, and safety phone numbers. We taped this Safety Training program so Owners may view on their own time. We will continue this program annually moving forward.
In the area of financially solvent, we continue to maintain our resort’s cash balance. As of December 3, 2021, our cash balance was $656k (up from ~$550k at CY20 year-end) and within our budget projections.
Rentals remain at extremely high levels of utilization and the resort seems to remain very busy most days of the week. Tracy, our son, and I celebrated Thanksgiving at the Sonoran Sea this year. It was surprising to see the large number of Owners and guests enjoying the beach and delightful weather over the Thanksgiving holiday. Puerto Penasco remains a popular place to rest and relax. We hope to see you and yours at the Sonoran Sea resort over the Christmas holiday and New Year’s break.
It is very nice to see certain Owners upgrading their condo’s inside and out. Please remember to contact the HOA office and submit the proper architectural review form (posted on the Owner’s website) for Surveillance Committee approval before beginning your work.

Please read on for the latest updates at the Sonoran Sea. If you have any newsletter suggestions, please email newsletter@sonoransearesort.org.

Best wishes to you and yours.

Jerry McKinney

AC – President

SC News – Chairman: Paul Sala

The SC welcomes Sylvia Koppen and Keith Allen to the board and thanks retiring members Tina Elliot and Steve Schwab for their service.

During the past year, the SC worked to create an Exterior Tile Replacement and Repair Policy for presentation to the owners. Ultimately, the SC proposed that the owners vote to approve funding to allow for the replacement, at one time, of all of the ground floor units’ exterior tile. That proposal was approved at the GOM. The GOM also approved a policy for the SC to apply when considering tile replacement requests for units on floors 2 through 10.

During the next year, the SC will continue to serve its functions as set forth in Chapter XI of the CC & R’s. Those functions include confirming that the owners funds are protected and are used to maintain and improve the Sonoran Sea Resort.

Head of Maintenance: Rodrigo Ruiz

As always, our maintenance staff has been busy keeping our resort up to date. Below is some of the work that was done over the last quarter.


The annual balcony railing painting project is in progress. You can check the status and see the date for your railing on the owners website. Please contact the HOA office with any questions.

Planned Projects

Fire Suppression System Upgrade

Planned Projects

Fire Suppression System Upgrade


Repair Hallway Ceiling Drywall

Planned Projects

Bulletin Boards Updated

Planned Projects

Aqua Bar Pool Resurfaced


Gym Railing Painting


Pet Area trash can and pole repainting

Planned Projects

Repainting of Column 1 East Building


Entry Gates Repainted


BBQ Grill Wall Repainting


Resort Entry Repainted


New Elevator Windows Paint Touch Up


Landscape Edge Repainting


Handicap Sign Repainting

Upcoming Projects

Projects planned for Q1 2022

  • Balcony railing painting (contd from Q4 2021)
  • Water Pumps – New automation and smart pumps to improve water pressure consistency.
  • Lockers & new carts for Housekeeping
  • Waterproof roofs on all buildings.
  • Pet Area Refresh
  • Walkway Repair to Pools
  • Gym Weights

HOA Manager: Kristian Osuna
HOA Office Manager: Fabian Urrea
HOA Assistant: Cristina Arvizu

Our General Owners Meeting (GOM) was held on November 6th, 2021 at the resort.

November General Owners Meeting (GOM)

Nov 6th, 2021

Turnout at the meeting was good with 51 owners present.

  • Friday Deep Dive meetings were held at Ramon’s.
  • Saturday’s Official meeting was also held at Ramon’s.
  • Unofficial minutes for the meeting can be found on the owners website.

Voting Results from the Meeting:

  • 4 SC Members were voted on. The current SC Members are listed below under Current Board / HOA Contacts & Terms.
  • Mailing Policy Changes – Approved
  • Maintenance Program – Approved
  • Critical Owners Documentation Requirements – Approved
  • Patio Tiles:
    • Redo 1st Floor Pations with approved tile $30K – Approved
    • If replacing exterior tiles floors 2 – 10 – Owners must use the color palette provided in the HOA office. – Approved
  • 2022 Budget – Approved
  • 2022 Extraordinary Projects – Approved
  • Ratified Sonoran Sea Resort AC as Administrator


A special thanks to the owners who volunteered to:


  • Investigate electric car charging stations: Keith Allen
  • Investigate options for balcony railings: Keith Allen, Brian Kelley, Donna Fanning and Richard Mason
  • Investigate solutions for the penthouse roof tile replacement project: Brian Kelley
COVID 19 Update

Covid 19 Impact at the Sea

We have had 0 employees test positive for COVID since October. Below is the process we are going through to keep our resort safe:

  • All employees temperatures are being checked daily.
  • Any employee whose temperature is high or has any symptoms of COVID 19 is tested.
  • If tested positive – that employee is quarantined for 14 days, and the HOA notifies anyone that employee has been in contact with.
  • After the 14 day quarantine, the employee is re-tested. If they are cleared by the doctor, they can return to work.

Vaccination Status:

  • We currently have 37 employees.
  • 33 Employees have received both shots of the COVID Vaccine and are fully vaccinated.
  • 4 Employees are not vaccinated.
  • The Mexican government is currently applying the shot to all adults and teenagers.
Administrative Reminders

Pet Policy: In compliance with Article 33-1 of the CCR’s, the Pet Policy and registration form is available here. Please make sure you register your pets with the HOA. Renter’s are NOT allowed to bring pets onto the property. Security will refuse admittance to individuals who have a pet that is not registered. 

No Pets Allowed on Tennis / Pickleball Court: The Tennis Court / Pickleball Court resurfacing is complete and looks beautiful! Please be aware that pets are NOT allowed within the court area.

Drone Policy: As voted on at the November 2020 GOM – Drone’s are NOT allowed on the resort property at any time.

Kayak Policy
: Kayak racks are available for owners use on the sides of each building. Please fill out a Kayak form to reserve your spot. This form must be completed annually.

Elevator Material Movement Policy
: As approved in the May GOM – Please contact the HOA and complete an “Elevator Material Movement” form before scheduling movement of large items (including contractor activities) in the elevators.

Owner Files

Documents Required

The HOA requires you to provide the following items which are kept on file in the HOA office:

Current Board / HOA Contacts & Terms
Board members highlighted in red are those that were voted in at the Nov 6th meeting.
Name Role Term Email
Paul Sala Chairman SC 05/21 - 05/22 paulsala@icloud.com
Lori Smith East Building Rep 05/21 - 05/22 sassyseahorse109@cox.net
Howard Tolshinsky East Building Alternate 11/21 - 11/22 htolchinsky@yahoo.com
Bill Woodward General Rep 05/21 - 05/22 woodwarw@comcast.net
Karen Matson General Rep 11/21 - 11/22 karenmatson@gmail.com
Bill O'Brien West Building Alt. 05/21 - 05/22 wvobrien@msn.com
Bruce Barclay General Rep. 05/21 - 05/22 RockyPointBruno@gmail.com
Sylvia Koppen General Rep. 11/21 - 11/22 sk@allmountainrv.com
Keith Allen West Building Rep. 11/21 - 11/22 encantamesalesdirector@gmail.com
Jerry McKinney President-AC 11/20 - 11/22 jerry.will.mckinney@gmail.com
Andrea Etheridge Treasurer-AC 05/21 - 05/23 Andrea.etheridge2010@hotmail.com
Leslie Roman Secretary-AC 05/21 - 05/23 leslie@5romans.com
Kristian Osuna HOA Manager Annual Renewal kristian@sonoransearesort.org
Fabian Urrea HOA Office Manager N/A hoaoffice@sonoransearesort.org
Cristina Arvizu HOA Assistant N/A hoaoffice@sonoransearesort.org

Employee Christmas Dinner:

The employee Christmas Dinner was held on Dec 8th at Manny’s Beach Club. The celebration began at 8pm and included employees and their spouses (or if not married +1 guest). Below are a few pictures of the event.

During company Christmas dinners, employers give away prizes by drawing names from a hat. The prizes vary, from new appliances (like toasters, blenders, TVs, stereos, DVD players and Bluetooth speakers) to envelopes containing cash. Some employers give away lavish grand prizes as well, such as living-room furniture sets. We rely on owners who are willing to donate prizes. Once again, this year’s party was a great success thanks to the pile of prizes donated by many generous homeowners.

Our security, maintenance, cleaning, and administrative staff at the Sonoran Sea are critical to our safe, professionally serviced, well maintained, and financially solvent operations. Our people make our resort a wonderful place to be! We will highlight a couple of employees in each newsletter.

Ramiro Cardenas Pena (Maintenance)

Ramiro is originally from Morelia Michoacan. In his spare time he likes to walk with his family and listen to romantic music. He likes working the Sonoran Sea as a gardener helper and would like to learn and gain more practice to do a better job.

Edgar Fabian Fauso Padilla (Security)

Edgar is originally from Guaymas Sonora. He is just recently married, and expecting his first child. In his spare time he likes to exercise and listen to music. His hobby is to drive his motorcycle around and he likes Corean cartoon series calld Doramas.

Director of Security: Rey David Castro

Oct Incidents:

  • 10/10/2021 14:35 hrs:  Jazmin from the cleaning team reports that she was working on the second floor of the west building, a male person assaulted on two occasions offering her money for oral sex, she rejects it on both occasions, choosing to ask for security support since the guests was harassing her. Security looked thru the surveillance camaras and found out that he was staying in the unit w804 his name was Cannon Reynolds, 16 years old, which recognized the facts provided by the cleaning lady and security requested an adult to be present, we talked to his mother to evict him from the resort, and she agreed to what was requested.
  • 10/13/2021 15:48 hrs:  Luis from Casago front desk team reports that a guests of the E410 SRO condominium report that someone had entered his condominium and stole 2 credit cards, 1 debit card and his license in the name of Janet Burke, from the State of Arizona. The unit is from a self-renting owner and only their guests and owner had the code to open it.
  • 10/31/2021 04:15 hrs:  Renter of the unit E210 reported to not let enter her husband to the resort since they had a fight 10/31/2021 08:30 approximately the hour above in mention, enter guest of E210 same there is an eviction report since in the outgoing turn avia occurred problems in the resort, officer Arturo is modulated to go to the condominium and i will check that everything was good, same as when arriving at the place, it states that the person in the hotel is aggressive and requested the support of officer Mario to cover me in the gate and go to support the officer, when i arrived where the vehicle was i realized that the same engine was running for such reason, I’m waiting for the driver to lower when i interviewed with him, i asked him what his name was to which he answered with an aggressive and annoying tone that i didn’t it matters and in English language mentioning that he would hit me if we didn’t leave him alone, they try to explain that we were just trying to clear up a mis understanding, and he goes through the back of the vehicle to get on the same through the left side door of the passenger, same as when taking the steering wheel, action reverse on the vehicle and rolls up with the door open a vehicle of the brand Toyota Camry in white color with circulation plates Arizona state crc7643 property of Katherine Jeffers guest of E407, post-officer Jose Martin Pelayo, causing hit in the right calf of the right external side like scoriations thereof, like the supervisor in shift Arturo Lepe Valdez who was who received a beat in the back of the head causing him injuries and immediately transferred to the hospital, the responsible vehicle is a white charger, approximate model imado, 2016, with circulation permit u492402, which, when given to the leak, impacts with the exit the security arm of the resort causing total loss to it.

Nov Incidents:

  • 11/06/2021 00:38 hrs:  . The renter of the condominium 903w arrives at the security booth in a state of drunkenness, asking if his wife had already entered, to which the security element Carmen replied that he did not know who his wife was, then he went to the condominium at not finding his wife, he went to the booth of the Sonoran spa screaming and asking for his wife to which the security elements of Sonoran spa told him that his wife had gotten into a taxi heading to princess of rock, the man screaming he tells the security guards of Sonoran whether they had to take care of his wife, then at approximately 00:55 the lady in question arrives in a taxi from las palomas # 85, going to the interior of the resort where Mr. Continued yelling at Mrs. For which he was admonished, giving her the knowledge of him that if he continued shouting, he would be evicted from the resort.

Way’s to help in the community:

Sonoran Sea: Our staff at the Sonoran Sea is always grateful to receive any donations that owners would like to provide  – they can be dropped off in the HOA Office and the office will distribute them to employees that have a need.

Building Bright Futures:
Jane Hammond & Gene Huddle (Sonoran Sea Owners) run this organization that helps build homes for families in the community. We have a group of owners at the Sea that have donated time and money to a family for a home that will be completed just before Christmas. Any monetary or household donations are welcome!

  • Monetary donations can be made via Zelle to buildbrightfutures@gmail.com or mail a check to:  Building Bright Futures; 519 E Interstate 30 #704; Rockwall, TX 75087
  • Household donations can be made to Jane & Gene from Dec 9 – 16.  You can reach them at 415-509-4155.

In addtion, there are various associations/groups in Puerto Penasco that welcome your donations at this time of year.

  • Rocky Point Times Newspaper– Donations of clothes, bedding, blankets, toys, and misc. can be dropped off at the Rocky Point Times Newspaper office.
    • Located off of Blvd Samuel Ocaña, on Agustin Melgar in Colonia Nueva Esperanza.
  • AIM – Donations can be dropped off at the Lion’s Club Mon-Fri 9AM-3PM (Av. Calz. Chapultepec S/N – behind DIF)
    • Blanket Drive
    • Pots & Pans Drive
    • New/Used Laptop Drive
  • Esperanza Children’s Home
  • Rotary Club of Puerto Penasco (CR Mar de Penasco)
  • Barb’s Dog Rescue
    • Dog Food donations can be dropped off at the rescue, or can be made at Wrecked at the Reef.
    • Monetary donations can be made online at www.barbsdogrescue.org/donate or mailed to Barbs Dog Rescue, PO Box 116, Lukeville, AZ 85341
    • Use AmazonSmile for your Christmas shopping and choose Barb’s Dog Rescue as your charity.
  • Sonoran Resorts Annual Food Drive
    • Please drop off non-perishable goods at any of the Sonoran Resorts sales offices.  Jackets and/or blankets are always welcome as well.

First Ever Rocky Point Christmas Boat Parade


Dec 18th – 5pm starting at the old MUELLE (Dock), continuing to the Malecon and the resort area.


For the first time ever, Christmas in Puerto Penasco presents the Great Nautical Christmas Parade. In coordination with Cuentanos Penasco, the Municipal Government will prepare and organize the parade at 5:00 pm on Friday December 18th for the enjoyment of families and visitors.


Onlookers will be able to see dozens of boats, decorated to the hilt with Christmas lights, traversing from the Malecon along the coast to the Sandy Beach area and back again.


The Puerto Penasco local administration is happy to share this fun new event with the public and hopes to repeat the parade, with more and more participants, each year. Don’t miss it.


Source: Jim Ringquist Sonoran Resorts Newsletter – Dec 2021