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Posted on June 8, 2020 at 4:00 PM

Welcome to the 2nd Quarter edition of the Sonoran Sea Resort HOA newsletter.

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Important Dates

HOA AC Meetings: 3rd Tues Each Month


HOA SC Meetings: Held Quarterly


Next GOM (General Owners Meeting): Tentatively: November 14, 2020

AC News – President: Jerry McKinney

June 1, 2020


Dear Sonoran Sea Owners,


We are progressing through unprecedented times around the world and in Puerto Penasco. Many of our friends and families have been adversely impacted. Our hearts and best wishes are extended to all during these difficult times.


Strict containment initiatives have already been implemented to contain the pandemic. We understand per recent news that Puerto Penasco may enter Phase III on June 16. Per the Rocky Point Times, Phase III includes beaches and pools re-opening and visitors can enter Puerto Penasco with defined entrance checks before entering the city. Leslie Roman will continue to post updates to the Sonoran Sea Facebook page in order to keep us informed of this dynamic situation. If all goes well, Owners and rental guests may begin to enjoy our paradise once again. I am confident we are all excited to fully enjoy our Puerto Penasco paradise and see our friends and family.


The Sonoran Sea continues to be unfavorably impacted by the current travel restrictions. Our occupancy utilization (Owners and rental guests) is extremely low for this time of year. Our rental utilization is near 0% which severely impacts our revenue (impact fees). Fortunately, the favorably weak peso and cost management activities by the HOA staff have more than offset this reduction in revenue during this unique period. We have decided to offer Owners a 20% discount in their HOA dues if paid on-time for CQ3’20 (received in the HOA office no later than July 10, 2020). The invoice mailing in June’20 will include instructions on how to realize this 20% HOA Dues discount. Any Owner HOA payment received after July 10, 2020 will not receive the 20% discount. Considering the various financial variables this year, the AC and HOA office are currently projecting we will generate positive cash-flow this year.


Our priorities and approach toward achieving a balanced scorecard of safety, professionally serviced, well-maintained, and financially solvent needs to be proportionally refined considering the current environment. These are challenging times and require strong action by all Owners, employees, suppliers, and guests at the Sonoran Sea.


In terms of safety at the Sonoran Sea, we will continue to implement a robust set of actions to protect our employees, Owners, guests, and our assets:


  1. COVID-19 Safety measures:
    1.  Employees have been strongly requested to practice social distancing with all activities and wear facemasks when applicable per local requirements
    2. Housecleaning continues to perform certain essential cleaning services (e.g. elevators, buttons, certain common areas) in addition to expanding their cleaning activities per city recommendations
    3. Body temperature is checked daily for the staff.
    4. We are finalizing definition of “return-to-operation” procedures and protocol in compliance with city guidelines and rules (we will publish these to Owners and Rental Guests when available before mid-June); it is important the Owners and Guests understand the conditions to comply with Phase III requirements and keep our resort safe.
  2. We are hopeful that our pools, jacuzzi’s and fitness center will reopen in Phase III and will keep Owners and Guests informed.


We continue to sincerely appreciate Ramon’s Restaurant and Casago tenacity as we collectively work through this difficult situation. They are an important element to our overall Sonoran Sea brand. You can do your part by frequenting Ramon’s Restaurant (take-out in this interim period) and other local suppliers as they are trying their best to remain solvent. Local purchases make a real difference to these establishments and their employees.


Casago continues to offer discounted weekly or bi-weekly home watch services. Their home watch services start as low as $15 per visit. In addition, Casago offers bill-pay services for homeowners who are not in the rental pool starting at $19.99 per month. Please refer to a communication provided by Casago under separate cover or contact Casago ( for additional information on these services.


Updates on the COVID-19 Situation at the resort can be found by going to We will also continue to update owners via the Sonoran Sea Owners Facebook page and Vivook as applicable.


We are in difficult times. Collectively, we can make a difference by being kind, respectful, and working toward returning to our paradise on the ocean. Until we meet again, my best wishes to you and yours.


Sincerely, Jerry McKinney AC President


Please read on for the latest updates at the Sonoran Sea. If you have any newsletter suggestions, please email Leslie Roman at

SC News – President: Ron Lilishkies

SC Minutes can be found on the website.  For login info, please contact

Head of Maintenance: Rodrigo Ruiz

The maintenance staff has kept very busy during this slow time with very few renters / owners present.

Pet Area Refresh East Side
Pet Area Refresh East Side

Garden Areas Painting

New Elevator Mats

Kayak Racks Repainted

Red Roof Waterproofing

Sand Applied Around Beach Wall

Gravel in Garden Areas

Gravel in Garden Areas

New Gym Weights

Stairwell Floor Signs

Stairwell Floor Signs

New Gym Weights

Stairwell Floor Signs

Stairwell Floor Signs

Stairwell Floor Signs

New Gym Weights

Upcoming Projects


Projects planned for 2020 / 2021

  • Evaluate / refurbish old elevators on east & west sides. Evaluation started, project moved to 2021 due to COVID 19
  • Refurbish Heated Pool (near pool bar)
  • New Employee Van

HOA Manager: Kristian Osuna
HOA Office Manager: Fabian Urrea
HOA Assistant: Cristina Arvizu

Our April General Owners Meeting (GOM) originally scheduled for April 25th, was cancelled due to the COVID-19 crisis.  The AC and SC boards held emergency sessions during March and April to evaluate the budget and operations. We held a special online meeting on May 7th to provide owners with updates about the resort.  50 people participated in that meeting.  The next GOM is tentatively scheduled for November 14, 2020

Volunteers Wanted!

Sub-committee Volunteer Opportunities


All of the board members volunteer their time to help make the Sonoran Sea a great place to be. If you have an interest and passion around helping in certain areas, please select the team below to send an email offering support:


  • Administrative Committee: Lead – Jerry McKinney
  • Maintenance, Security, and Projects: Lead – Jerry McKinney
  • Marketing, Branding, Rentals: Lead – Jerry McKinney
  • Communications: Lead – Leslie Roman
  • Finance & Risk Mgmt: Lead – Ray Bishop

Thank you for your help!

Administrative Reminders

20% Discount: Q3 HOA Dues are late after July 10th. Make sure you pay your dues on time to take advantage of the 20% discount (only on dues, not on Telmex fees). Dues must be RECEIVED in the HOA office by July 10th. After that date, no discount, and late fees will be applied.


Car Tags: RFID tags for vehicles to enter the gates, are available in the HOA office. One tag per condo. Additional tags can be purchased for $25.00 USD

Owner Files

Documents Required


The HOA requires you to provide the following documents which are kept on file in the HOA office:


  • Information Update Form
  • Drivers License / Passport Copy
  • Homeowners Insurance Policy
  • Sales Contract or 1st Page of Trust Document
  • Pet Registration (pet owners only)
Current Board / HOA Contacts & Terms
Name Role Term Email
Ron Lilishkies Chairman SC 02/19 - 02/21
Mike Sheffield East Building Rep 09/18 - 09/20
Howard Tolshinsky East Building Alternate 02/19 - 02/21
Steve Suhre West Building Alternate 09/18 - 09/20
Karen Matson West Building Rep 11/18 - 11/21
David Foley General Rep. 11/19 - 11/21
Phil Wehrli General Rep. 09/18 - 09/20
Tina Elliott General Rep. 02/19 - 02/21
Steve Schwab General Rep. 09/18 - 09/20
Jerry McKinney President-AC 09/18 - 09/20
Ray Bishop Treasurer-AC 09/18 - 09/20
Leslie Roman Secretary-AC 09/18 - 09/20
Kristian Osuna HOA Manager Annual Renewal
Fabian Urrea HOA Office Manager N/A
Cristina Arvizu HOA Assistant N/A

Cristina’s baby (a boy!) is due in July. The maternity policy is 40 days before and 40 days after the baby’s due date. Cristina is choosing to work up to close to her due date, and then take the 60 – 80 days after the baby is born, so we anticipate her to return in October. We have no plans to hire anyone temporarily while Cristina is out. During her maternity leave Fabian and Kristian will handle her duties.

Our security, maintenance, cleaning, and administrative staff at the Sonoran Sea are critical to our safe, professionally serviced, well maintained, and financially solvent operations. Our people make our resort a wonderful place to be! We will highlight a couple of employees in each newsletter.

Arturo Lepe Valdez (Head of Security)

Originally from Tijuana, Baja California, Arturo has been working in the Security Department at the Sonoran Sea since August 2004. He was promoted to head of Security in 2005. He has enjoyed his time at the Sonoran Sea, even having to deal with guest evictions and fights. In his spare time he likes to watch sports.

Emilio Bautista Merino (Security Staff)

Originally from Oaxaca, Oaxaca, Emilio has been working in the Security Department of the Sonoran Sea since February 2006. He enjoys his job, but doesn’t like to have to evict guests. In his spare time Emilio likes to ride his bicycle and play the guitar.

Head of Security: Arturo

February Incidents:


  • Feb 7: One renter from the Sonoran Spa hit and damaged the new security gate arm.  The renter paid for the replacement.

March Incidents:


  • March 25: Renters from unit E611 were evicted due to a fight.

April Incidents:


  • April 15: Pools Closed due to COVID 19
  • April 20: Beach Closed to the Public due to COVID 19

The tourist police are checking the beaches, to ensure that people are not walking on the beach or are in the Palapas areas.  Maintenance removed the lounge chairs from the Palapa’s to discourage use.

A thermometer was purchased to check the temperatures of employees, owners, and anyone entering the resort.  Individuals with temperature above 37.5c cannot enter the resort.  All employees were provided face masks to protect themselves and others from COVID 19.

Maintenance Reminder

All owners are encouraged to check the following items at least yearly to prevent leaks. Maintenance of these items is each owners responsibility:

  • Water Valves
  • WC Wax Rings
  • Water Heaters
  • Refrigerators
  • Dishwashers
  • Shower Grouting
  • Patio Grouting
  • Ice Makers
  • Faucets

Helping the Community

Although it’s hard on all of us to have to stay away from our beautiful beach, it’s even harder on the locals to not have the tourists supporting their economy. Below is a list of a few of the local organizations that need our help.

  • AIM Peñasco/Steps of Love: A US based 501c3 nonprofit, Steps of Love has a mission to help youth in Mexico break the cycle of poverty by facilitating access to quality educational opportunities. During the COVID-19 crisis, they shifted focus from education to providing food for people throughout the community. For more information, please visit: Steps of Love – Helping Puerto Peñasco In Crisis.

  • Barb’s Dog Rescue: Barb’s Dog Rescue is a 501c3 nonprofit organization, dedicated to helping homeless dogs in Puerto Peñasco, Mexico. The impact of COVID-19 and the closing of the US/Mexican border hit the shelter hard. No tourists are allowed into Mexico, so we are experiencing a significant shortage of volunteer help. Without regular visitors, we’re also missing the donations of food and supplies that people regularly bring to us. We’re not currently able to transfer dogs across the border to our rescue partners, but Animal Control will continue to rely on us for help. The challenges are unprecedented, and we are adapting every day.  For more information, please visit:

  • Families Helping Families: A 501(c)3 Organization in the US, partnering with Casas Perpetuales in Mexico. For more information and to donate, visit Families Helping Families.

If anyone knows of other ways to help our community, please let contact the HOA office and we will get the info out to other owners.

Prepare Medical History Before Going to Local Clinic


It’s an hour and a half to Ajo’s Desert Senita Clinic and the nearest physician, so be prepared if you have to use a local Peñasco clinic. It could be crucial to your survival. To ensure that you receive the best care possible, here are some recommendations:


  • Medical History: Make up a card or note in your phone that lists all the medicines and supplements you take on a regular basis. List any allergies or sensitivities to medicines or foods. Identify any medical procedures or conditions that could be related to your visit. Update this information after any significant change. It will be extremely valuable in an emergency situation.
  • Google Translate: Before heading to the clinic, take a few minutes to type your syptoms and concerns into Google Translate (downloadable as an app on most smart phones or available online), date it, and print out the info if possible. Although many of the doctors and their staff speak some English, interpretation can be difficult.
  • Create your own “Rocky Point Medical File”: Put the printed sheets you shared with the doctor and the prescriptions he gives you into a file folder. This will help the doctor during future visits, and it will give you a record of which medications were effective for various symptoms.


Good medical care is readily available here 24/7, but your best results will depend on your ability to communicate effectively with the medical staff. Planning ahead can make a world of difference!


Emergency contact information and a list of local clinics is available on the Sonoran Sea Resort website at:

Source: Cholla Charli May 2020 Issue of Rocky Point Times