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Posted on March 15, 2021

Welcome to the 1st 2021 edition of the Sonoran Sea Resort HOA newsletter.

Our Sonoran Sea Resort HOA newsletter is issued on a quarterly basis. We encourage you to connect with other owners via the Facebook groupnote this group is an owners group, not monitored or run by the HOA (https://www.facebook.com/groups/SonoranSeaHomeOwners) and sign up for the HOA updates via Vivook in order to get real time updates on our resort in the interim.


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Important Dates

HOA AC Meetings: 3rd Tues Each Month


Next GOM (General Owners Meeting): May 1, 2021

AC News – President: Jerry McKinney

Many of us have thoroughly enjoyed the cooler, quieter period at the Sonoran Sea this fall and winter. This will soon change as we all know with Spring Break, Semana Santa, and other events beginning in early March.

We continue to prioritize improvements and strive to achieve the four key principles for our resort – Safety, Professionally Serviced, Well-Maintained, & Financially Solvent. We will continue our hard work at the resort to take advantage of the low season as we collectively prepare the resort for another busy season beginning in March’21. The proactive water line replacement in the East and West parking areas will pay significant dividends in the future. The older fragile PVC pipe was replaced with industrial pipe which will prove more durable in the future. Special thanks to Rodrigo, the maintenance team, and Greg Olsen for their efforts during this challenging project. One of Tracy and my favorite completed projects is the refreshed tennis and pickle ball courts. We are also looking forward to enjoying the refurbished legacy elevators (one in each tower [East/West]) and the refinished waterfall once the unheated pools become warm enough to use. The heated pool bottom surface did not meet our expectations (aka looks very poor). The supplier understands and acknowledges the discoloration. The supplier will repair the discoloration (under warranty) this summer when the warmer weather allows us to drain this pool while Owners and Guests utilize the other two pools. We did not want to drain our only heated pool during the cooler months for this ~ one-week repair.

Our next Sonoran Sea HOA meeting is scheduled for May 1st at 1pm. We will also continue the Friday “deep dive” session beginning at 2pm for those of you desiring a deeper understanding and discussion forum for certain items (maintenance, security, projects, and financials). All meetings will be held in adherence to required COVID-19 protocols. We are working to again offer a dial-in capability for the HOA meeting on Saturday for those who wish to listen in to the HOA meeting content. Please stay tuned for details which will be included with the May’21 HOA meeting agenda. We will have several positions open across the AC and the SC. I encourage anyone with a passion (including those demonstrating that passion on the Sonoran Sea Facebook Owners page) to volunteer for one of the open positions. Real improvements at the Sonoran Sea are a function of understanding the full fact pattern of the problems presented to us and seeing that appropriate solutions are successfully implemented. You can make a positive difference in concert with the Sonoran Sea employees. If you are unable to join the HOA meeting in person, please remember to provide your voting proxy to someone attending the HOA meeting. If you have difficulty finding a proxy representative, please let me know (including your voting preferences) and I can take your proxy.

As you may have seen in the most recent announcement, David Castro has recently joined the Sonoran Sea as Director of Security. We are pleased that David has joined our team with his strong leadership and security experience. We are also pleased that Arturo Lepe will remain on the Security team reporting to David. In many of our opinion, safety is the most important priority at the Sonoran Sea. Please feel free to introduce yourself to David the next time you are at the resort.

We continue to maintain our resort’s cash balance. As of late February’21, our cash balance was ~$483k (down from ~$550k at year-end) and within our budget projections. We have drawn down our cash balance to fund planned projects during the low season. We want to minimize project disruptions where possible during the high season for Owner and Guest pleasure. We project that our cash balance will return to CY20 end of year balances by the end of CY21 as our project expenditures are heavily weighted to the first half of this calendar year.

Please read on for the latest updates at the Sonoran Sea. If you have any newsletter suggestions, please email Leslie Roman at newsletter@sonoransearesort.org .

Jerry McKinney

AC – President

SC News – Chairman: Ron Lilishkies

The complaint process / procedures policy has been pushed out to summer 2021 due to the urgent need to get out the Tile Guidelines policy and document. This policy, in conjunction with an update to the Architectural form & instructions should be approved by the SC and ready to be presented to all owners at the next GOM on May 1st.

Head of Maintenance: Rodrigo Ruiz

As always, our maintenance staff has been busy keeping our resort up to date. Below is some of the work that was done over the last quarter.

Computer Desk Upgrade

Gym DirecTV Upgrade

Balcony Rails Repainting

New Kayak Racks (East Side) – Added 2 more each side.

New Kayak Racks (West Side) – Added 2 more each side.

New PickleBall Nets

Parking Lamps Repainting

Security Rounds Tracking System

Top Building Moldings

Elevator Area Windows Repair

Completed Project [CY 21 Plan]

WaterFall Rocks Repair

Tennis / PickleBall Court Resurfacing

Completed Project [CY 21 Plan]

Domestic Water Pipes ReDone (West Building)

Upcoming Projects

Projects planned for Q2 2021

  • Elevator Cabin Refurbishment
  • Walkways repair
  • Recycling bins for each floor
  • Concrete picnic tables outside Ramon’s
  • New umbrellas for pool area

HOA Manager: Kristian Osuna
HOA Office Manager: Fabian Urrea
HOA Assistant: Cristina Arvizu

Our next General Owners Meeting (GOM) is scheduled for Saturday May 1st at the resort.
May 2021 General Owners Meeting (GOM)


Scheduled for May 1st at 1:00 PM

We will continue to monitor the COVID 19 situation and meetings will be held in adherence to required protocols.

  • Friday Deep Dive meetings will be held starting at 2 PM
  • Agenda will be released 30 days before the meeting.
  • There will be several AC and SC positions open. We encourage anyone with interest in running for an open position to contact Cristina in the HOA office.
  • If you are unable to attend the meeting in person, please provide your voting proxy to someone who will be in attendance.
COVID 19 Update

Covid 19 Impact at the Sea

We have had 2 employees on the cleaning staff test positive for COVID since December. Below is the process we are going through to keep our resort safe:

  • All employees temperatures are being checked daily.
  • Any employee whose temperature is high or has any symptoms of COVID 19 is tested.
  • If tested positive – that employee is quarantined for 14 days, and the HOA notifies anyone that employee has been in contact with.
  • After the 14 day quarantine, the employee is re-tested. If they are cleared by the doctor, they can return to work.
Administrative Reminders

Pet Policy and Drone Policy

Pet Policy: In compliance with Article 33-1 of the CCR’s, the Pet Policy and registration form is available here. Please make sure you register your pets with the HOA. Renter’s are NOT allowed to bring pets onto the property. Security will refuse admittance to individuals who have a pet that is not registered.

Drone Policy: As voted on at the November GOM – Drone’s are NOT allowed on the resort property at any time.

No Pets Allowed on Tennis / Pickleball Court: The Tennis Court / Pickleball Court resurfacing is complete and looks beautiful! Please be aware that pets are NOT allowed within the court area.

Remodeling Info and Elevator Use

SC Updated Process

An update to the Architectural Review form and instructions is being completed and will be presented to all owners at the next GOM on May 1st.

Elevator Use for Moving / Remodeling

The HOA is in the process of updating the elevator use policy in order to ensure that owners and contractors are able to use the elevators for remodeling and moves with the appropriate protections for our newly remodeled elevators. This policy will be presented at the May 1, 2021 GOM.

Owner Files

Documents Required

The HOA requires you to provide the following items which are kept on file in the HOA office:

  • A key to your condo for emergency access.
  • Information Update Form
  • Drivers License / Passport Copy
  • Homeowners Insurance Policy
  • Sales Contract or 1st Page of Trust Document
  • Pet Registration (pet owners only)
Current Board / HOA Contacts & Terms

Note: Corrections to AC Member Term – AC created and all members voted in Feb 2018.

Name Role Term Email
Ron Lilishkies Chairman SC 11/20 - 11/21 lve2ski@yahoo.com
Mike Sheffield East Building Rep 11/20 - 11/21 mike@sheffieldnet.com
Howard Tolshinsky East Building Alternate 11/20 - 11/21 htolchinsky@yahoo.com
Steve Suhre West Building Alternate 11/20 - 11/21 steve1559@cox.net
Karen Matson West Building Rep 11/20 - 11/21 karenmatson@gmail.com
David Foley General Rep. 11/20 - 11/21 dafo70@gmail.com
Paul Sala General Rep. 11/20 - 11/21 paulsala@icloud.com
Tina Elliott General Rep. 11/20 - 11/21 mexicotina@aol.com
Steve Schwab General Rep. 11/20 - 11/21 steve@casago.com
Kristian Osuna HOA Manager Annual Renewal kristian@searesorthoa.com
Fabian Urrea HOA Office Manager N/A hoamanager@searesorthoa.com
Cristina Arvizu HOA Assistant N/A cristina@searesorthoa.com
Jerry McKinney President-AC 11/20 - 11/22 jerry.will.mckinney@gmail.com
Ray Bishop Treasurer-AC 02/19 - 02/21 sea310west@gmail.com
Leslie Roman Secretary-AC 02/19 - 02/21 leslie@5romans.com

Employee Christmas Dinner:

The employee Christmas Dinner took place on December 15th at Restaurant de Ramon. In normal times we celebrate with a party that includes employee’s spouses, but due to COVID 19 we followed the safety protocols and held a small dinner for the employees only, without their families.

Below are some pictures of the evening – even with the COVID restrictions in place, all had a great time!

Our security, maintenance, cleaning, and administrative staff at the Sonoran Sea are critical to our safe, professionally serviced, well maintained, and financially solvent operations. Our people make our resort a wonderful place to be! We will highlight a couple of employees in each newsletter.

Claudia Lorena Garcia Ruiz (Cleaning Staff)

Claudia is originally from Leon, Guanajuato. She loves to take long walks as exercise, she also enjoys reading the bible daily with her kids & family, and participating in charity events.

Rey David Angulo Castro (Security)

Rey (David) has been a resident in Puerto Peñasco for 35 years. In his spare time he likes to teach young kids self-defense, he also enjoys exercise and cycling. When asked whether he prefers to be called Rey or David, he said he answers to both!

Director of Security: Rey David Castro

Dec Incidents:

  • December 2, 2020: Renter from Unit E702 reported for having children in the adult jacuzzi.

Jan Incidents:

  • January 23, 2021: 1st Class Construction company was given permission to work on Unit E701, the guards noticed they were staying in the unit and informed Casago. It was determined that they were staying in the unit without permission.  The owners were informed and permission was granted.

Feb Incidents:

  • Feb 7, 2021:  Casago cleaner reported a water leak coming from Unit W511 which affected Unit W411.

Maintenance Reminder

All owners are encouraged to check the following items at least yearly to prevent leaks. Maintenance of these items is each owners responsibility:

  • Water Valves
  • Toilet Wax Rings
  • Water Heaters
  • Refrigerators
  • Dishwashers
  • Shower Grouting
  • Patio Grouting
  • Ice Makers
  • Faucets

Weddings at the Sonoran Sea:


Valentine’s Day is over, spring is in the air – and wedding planning for many has begun! At the Sonoran Sea we don’t have a specific event center for weddings. However, Ramon’s restaurant can be hired to do the catering and decorations for the wedding, and the event can be held ouside the restaurant between the buildings, or in front of the west side building. Ramon’s can accommodate anywhere from 80 – 350 guests. For more information regarding Weddings at the Sea, contact Yolanda Urias – phone: 638-109-6562 or yolyss@hotmail.com.

Source: Cristina HOA Office

Driving in Mexico

This information comes from a Baja travel website, but is also applicable to driving in Sonora.

Laws of the Mexican Road:

As a general rule, do not do anything in Mexico that you would not do in the US. Traffic laws vary from state to state but typically, the following laws should be obeyed:

  • You must have Mexican automobile insurance to legally drive in Mexico.
  • Always wear a seatbelt.
  • Talking on your cell phone while driving is prohibited.
  • All speed limits are posted in kilometers (1 kilometer = .62 miles, 1 mile = 1.6 kilometers).
  • The left lane, or fast lane, is for passing only, in many cases. You should return to driving in the right lane once you’ve passed another driver.
  • Pedestrians have the right of way in many areas.
  • Drinking in your car is illegal, as is driving under the  influence.

Driving Tips:

  • Roads and other automobiles are not as well maintained as in the U.S. Watch out for potholes, cows and other animals on the road. Other automobiles may have brake lights, blinkers, and headlights that don’t work. Construction sites are often unmarked and may have equipment lying in the road.
  • Driving during daylight hours is recommended. Driving at night leaves you at risk to adverse conditions o the roads that you won’t be able to see, such as potholes and cows who like to lie on the warm highway.
  • Use caution when passing other vehicles as roads can be narrow and winding. Mexican truck drivers have a tradition of putting on their left turn signal to let you know when it’s ok to pass. This is done as a courtesy and can be helpful as their view of the road ahead is much better than yours, but remember that you must still exercise caution when passing.

Emergency Roadside Assistance:

The Green Angels (Angeles Verdes) are mobile mechanics who patrol the Mexican roads in green and white trucks and offer free roadside assistance (tips appreciated) to anyone who needs help. They can offer assistance if you have an accident, get a flat tire, run out of gas or break down. They offer free labor, service and towing and have gas or parts available for a fee. They are also equipped to give tourists free information as they’re connected to the Ministry of Tourism. If you break down, pull over to the side of the road and lift up your hood to signal that you need some help.

The Green Angels generally operate from 8am to 8pm but operate 24 hours a day on major holidays and long weekends. You can always dial 078 from any cell phone or TELMEX phone booth to reach the Tourist Assistance Hotline. They have bilingual staff who can assist you 24/7 with any travel questions or emergency needs. They can dispatch the Green Angels, fire department or police to assist you. 911 is the phone number for emergency services.

Note – in June 2020, due to Mexican government funding cuts, the Green Angels started operating only on Fridays, Saturday’s, and Sunday’s. In addtion, the 30 liters of gasoline they were allocated daily was cut to 10 liters.


For decades PEMEX (Petroleos Mexicanos) was Mexico’s state-owned petroleum company and the only option for fuel throughout the country. In January 2017, Mexico’s fuel industry was deregulated and the market opened up to new gas stations that are allowed to set their own prices.

Gas stations are generally full service (a few pesos for a tip are appreciated) and while many stations now accept credit cards, many still do not accept US credit cards so it’s best to be prepared to pay with cash if necessary. Make sure that the pump is zeroed out before the attendant starts to pump the gas for you. We recommend always paying for gas in Pesos as gas is sold in liters and doing the liter/gallon plus the peso/dollar conversion can get tricky.

There are three different grades of gas: Magna (unleaded gasoline, 87 octane, green handle at the pump), Premium (unleaded gasoline, 93 octane, red handle at the pump), and Diesel (for Diesel engines, black handle at the pump).

No Hassle Zone / Vehicle Permits:

You may have seen the “No hassle zone” signs when on the road from Sonoyta to Puerto Penasco. This does not mean that it is a free pass to speed or ignore the rules of the road. What it does mean is that temporary vehicle permits are not required if you are only driving in the “free zone” part of Sonora. However, if you will be traveling in mainland Mexico anywhere outside of the free zone in Sonora, you will need to obtain a temporary import permit for your vehicle. If you do not obtain this permit before bringing your car into mainland Mexico, there is a possibility that your vehicle may be impounded permanently.

Source: Discover Baja Travel Club Discoverbaja.com