Sonoran Sea Resort - Pet Policy

Policy #: S-7

Version: 1.1

Policy Purpose:   Only owners and owner’s immediate family* may have pets in their exclusive properties.

Specific Rules:

    • Guests of Owners may only have pets in the condo when staying with the owner in the owner’s property.
    • Renters are not allowed to have pets.
    • Owner and immediate family pets must have a registration form signed and on file with the HOA office before the pet is allowed on premises.
    • Owner must notify the HOA when a guest will be staying with them and bringing a pet.
    • Pet must be under control and on leash while on the common property. Pets are not allowed in pool area, lobby, or workout center.**
    • Pet feces must be collected and disposed of in an appropriate manner.
    • Pets must not be a noise nuisance.
    • Pets must be dry to use elevator. Wet and dirty pets must use stairs.
    • Pets must be vaccinated for rabies. Puppies and kittens under 6 months of age are exempt.
    • Administrator shall notify owners of all pet violations. After two written notices of the same violation within a six month period, the pet will be evicted from the complex.

* Immediate family is defined as parents, children, or siblings of owners.

** Service animals for owners as specified under Mexican Law are allowed in common areas. They must be registered with the HOA office.

Revision History:


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