Sonoran Sea Resort - Non Paying Guest Policy

Policy #: F-1

Version: 1.0

Policy Purpose: provide a policy to support Non-Paying Guests (NPGs) at the Sonoran Sea Resort including distribution of wrist-bands for use of the common area facilities (including pool, jacuzzi, exercise room, palapas, tennis & pickleball courts). The Sonoran Sea has experienced cases whereby some OWNERs are hosting 30 – 40 Non-Paying Guests per month and distributing wrist-bands to nonSonoran Sea Guests who are off-site thereby placing a disproportional use upon common areas subsidized by other OWNERs.

CCR References:

ARTICLE 13– OWNERs are responsible and liable for the actions of their respective NonPaying Guests during their stay at the Sonoran Sea.
ARTICLE 14 –  OWNERs shall notify the Administrator (HOA Office) in writing specifying the name(s) of non-paying guests and duration of their stay.
ARTICLE 76 –  OWNERs that do not abide by this policy shall be subject to a fine of US$200 per infringement which fine shall be in favor of the REGIME.

        • For clarity, infringements will be counted per wrist-band (e.g., four [4] NPG wrist-bands inappropriately used will count as four [4] infringements each subject to a US$200 fine).


    • Non-Paying Guests (NPGs) are OWNER friends and family that are staying in the condo and/or using common areas regardless of whether owner is present or not. A temporary NPG wristband is required for each non-paying guest.
    • Each OWNER will receive an allocated number of Non-Paying Guest wrist-bands for each calendar year (CY) based upon the percentage of the indivisible portion contained in the Articles of Incorporation. These NPG wrist-bands are distributed by the HOA office or the front desk (Casago) and are designed to be temporary and not reusable. The calendar year annual NPG wrist-brand allocation by condo is attached in Appendix A.
      • For reference, the indivisible portion is also used for Owner voting in GENERAL OWNERS’ MEETING and calculation of each Owner’s HOA dues.
      • The allocation of NPG wrist-bands are based upon a calendar year and are not transferrable to another OWNER or allowed for carry-over to the next calendar year. The NPG wrist-bands are only intended for use by guests of OWNERs who are using the Sonoran Sea condo and common areas free of charge.
      • Non-Paying Guest wrist-bands are required to be visibly worn on your arm while using any Sonoran Sea Resort common area (e.g., pool, jacuzzi, exercise room, palapas, tennis & pickleball courts) with the exception noted below. Non-Paying Guest wrist-bands will be a different color and marking than Rental Guest wrist-bands to support effective enforcement by Sonoran Sea Security personnel. In addition, each calendar year will be a different color wrist-band to allow for consumption analysis and effective security
      • Sonoran Sea Resort Security personnel will not allow any OWNER or Guest (including Non-Paying) to utilize Sonoran Sea Common Areas if the respective OWNER or Guest does not have the proper wrist-band credentials.
      • If an OWNER exceeds their calendar year allocation of NPG wrist-bands, OWNERs may purchase additional wrist-bands for NPG use within the context of this policy at a cost of $7.00 USD per NPG wrist-band. This cost may be revised by the HOA General
        Assembly if and when appropriate. This NPG wrist-band cost will be invoiced quarterly to the respective OWNER by the HOA Office.
    • Non-Paying Guest(s) may visit the respective OWNER condo without wearing an NPG wristband. This is to allow an OWNER to host visitors directly to their condo for a short-term visit (e.g., dinner, entertaining) while the OWNER is present without utilizing their NPG wrist-band allocation.
      • The respective OWNER would notify the HOA Office or Security of the pending visitors and date to facilitate arrival.
      • The visiting NPGs may not utilize the other Sonoran Sea common areas (excluding the parking lot, elevators, and hallways) without proper wrist-band credentials.
      • If the respective NPG is going to visit other Sonoran Sea common areas, an NPG wristband is required with this access information noted by individual name correctly on the Non-Paying Guest Authorization Form provided to the HOA Office.
    • OWNERs may designate a number of family members or friends as Preferred Non-Paying Guests. The purpose of the Preferred Non-Paying Guest list is to allow OWNERs to provide use of their condo to a recurring list of family members or personal friends.
      • These Preferred NPGs (e.g., immediate, non-immediate, or close friends) must be designated by name and included in the Preferred Non-Paying Guest list held by the HOA Office.
      • Names on the Preferred Non-Paying Guest list may be changed once per year to prevent misuse of this list by OWNERs. The HOA Office will facilitate updates to the Preferred Non-Paying Guest list by condo in the January – February timeframe of each
        respective year. If changes (allowed once per year) are required outside of this window, please contact the HOA Office.
      • The annual number of Preferred Non-Paying Guest names by OWNER is proportional to the indivisible portion of the respective condo. The indicative Preferred NPG allowance figures are shown below and the HOA Office will utilize the master sheet shown in appendix B for the precise figure per condo:
        • One Bedroom: 4
        • Two Bedroom: 7
        • Three Bedroom+: 10 – 21
    • Non-Paying Guest(s) wrist-bands cannot be provided by OWNERs to people who are not staying at the resort or present with the respective OWNER (e.g., OWNERs cannot provide NPG wristbands to people staying at other resorts, hotels, homes, or rentals in Puerto Penasco for the NPG sole use of the Sonoran Sea common area facilities).
    • Guest Authorization Form is required for all NPG Guests (when using common areas).
      • The GAF must include the names of ALL guests and be submitted through Sonoran Sea HOA Office
      • The Sonoran Sea front desk (currently managed by Casago) will distribute Non-Paying Guest wrist-bands and document NPG names (one name per wrist-band) in accordance with the annual allocation limits defined.

Revision History:


Release procedure for review.

Date: 03/12/2022