Sonoran Sea Resort - Long Term Rental Policy

Policy #: F-2

Version: 1.1p

Policy Purpose: provide a policy to support and provide guidance around Long-term rentals at the Sonoran Sea resort. Long-term rentals are considered to be rentals for periods of 30 consecutive days or more.

CCR References: 

ARTICLE 13 – OWNERs are responsible and liable for the actions of their Guests during their stay at the Sonoran Sea.

ARTICLE 14 – OWNERs shall notify the Administrator (HOA Office) in writing specifying the name(s) of rental guests and duration of their stay.

ARTICLE 71 – OWNER shall pay to the HOA a rental impact fee when they lease their condo.

Comments:  HOA definition for Long-term Rental Guests: OWNER guests using their condo and the Sonoran Sea common areas for a period of 30 consecutive days.


    • Long-term rental Guest impact fees are shown below. These fee’s may be changed from time to time per OWNER vote in a General Owners Meeting.
      • 1 Bedroom: $50/month
      • 2 Bedroom: $75/month
      • 3 Bedroom $100/month
      • 4 (and above) Bedroom: $150/month.
    • Long-Term Guests and Non-Paying Guest wristbands:
      • Each OWNER will receive an allocated number of Non-Paying Guest wrist-bands for each calendar year (CY). Policy #F-1 covers Non-Paying Guest wrist-bands for OWNERS.
      • In the case where a Long-Term Rental Guests has Non-Paying Guests approved by the OWNER, the distribution of Non-Paying Guest wristbands will count towards the OWNERs allocation for their respective condo.

Revision History:


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Date: 03/18/2022