Sonoran Sea Resort - Elevator Material Movement Policy

Policy #: W-1

Version: 1.1

Policy Purpose: Sonoran Sea elevators are available for Owners (large item moving) and Contractors on Tuesday, Wednesdays, and Thursdays in order to accommodate Owners and Guests at the resort.

CCR Reference:  ARTICLE 13.– the respective Owner utilizing the elevator for material movement (including contractor activities) is responsible for any damage.


    • One elevator for each tower (East/West) will be designated by the HOA Office for material movement.
    • The respective Owner must provide 24-hour notification by submitting a “Elevator Material Movement” form to the HOA office to ensure time for HOA employees to properly protect and provide signage for the respective elevator. This form is available on the Sonoran Sea Owners’ website.
    • Assigned elevator priority during the approved material movement period is for said contractor with Owners/Guests able to utilize the assigned elevator as a second priority.
    • HOA Maintenance will post signage outside of the assigned elevator and cones on the first and applicable floor for communication and safety purposes.
    • The Elevator Material Movement form includes a statement that the Owner (and hired contractors if applicable) will abide by the weight limit of the respective elevator and comply with protective measures for people and equipment.
    • The weight load (including individuals) in an elevator cannot exceed the stated limit for the elevators (700 kg [1,500 lb.]). Owner and/or Contractor is responsible to secure material to ensure weight limit is not exceeded. Owner and/or Contractor is required to limit loads to one wheel barrow, six (6) five-gallon containers, or similar movement (e.g., hand cart or dolly) to ensure compliance with stated weight limit. HOA Maintenance employees may inspect loading (up or down) and if found in violation of stated limits, Owner and/or Contractor will lose access to elevators for material movement activities.

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