Sonoran Sea Resort - Donated Items Policy

Policy #: S-4

Version: 1.1

Policy Purpose: The intent of this Permission slip policy is to allow and guarantee that the security team will have the ability to identify what objects are being donated and are allowed to leave the resort if a form is filled out.

CCR Reference: 

ARTICLE 13– Each of the OWNERS is directly liable for facts or omissions that cause damage or losses to third parties or the JOINT OWNERSHIP PROPERTY. Said OWNER’S liability shall extend to the acts, deeds or omissions of his employees, contractors, subcontractors, family members, servants, guests, lessees or bailees.

Specifics:  An owner donation permission slip is required if an owner donates items to a specific employee, if the owner donates the items via the HOA Office to the Sonoran Sea Employees list, an email is enough to ensure to security the processing of such items.


The owner must fill out an elevator material movement form (if applicable) to remove such items per policy #W1, V1.2 

Revision History:


Release procedure for review.

Date: 09/28/2022