Sonoran Sea Resort - Architectural Review Policy

Policy #: W-2

Version: 1.1

Policy Purpose: To ensure owners get the appropriate approvals before making structural changes to their exclusive property.

CCR Reference: 

Chapter IV Articles 1820 

General Guidelines:

Exterior Work:

All owners must submit an architectural review form before starting any exterior work on their condominium. All plans must comply with our CCR’s and any sector guidelines on file. The HOA surveillance Committee has 20 days to either approve, deny, or request modifications to their proposal.


Approval: a formal letter of acceptance to a proposal will be mailed to the owner for their records. Before any works is to commence a Third Party Access Form must be on file with the HOA office.


Modification: A formal letter either stipulating modifications to the project or requesting modifications will be mailed to the owner for their records. Any modifications must be approved before work commences.


Denial: A formal letter explaining why the project has been denied as well as suggestions to make the project feasible will be mailed to the owners for their records. Owners may request a hearing at a special owners meeting for reconsideration. If they are unable to come to a solution they may request that it go to the next scheduled HOA GOM meeting as a voting item.


Interior work:
All owners must file a Third Party Access form with the HOA office before any work is to start by a contractor in their unit. All construction rules must be followed.


No Architectural review form is required for cosmetic changes indoor paint, cabinets, flooring, etc. But approval is required for any structural modifications.

  • Access time is from 9am – 5pm. No access during the following U.S and Mexico holidays:
    • New Year’s Day
    • Easter,
    • Memorial Day
    • U.S independence day
    • Mexican independence day
    • Labor Day
    • Mexican revolution day
    • Thanksgiving
    • Christmas eve
    • Christmas Day.
  • All Debris and parts must be taken off premises.
  • Unit owner is responsible for any damage caused to the common area or neighboring units.

Revision History:


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