Convenience Store Sonoran Sea Resort

Sonoran Sea Resort Convenience Store

Open to the public from Thur - Mon 7:00 AM - 10:00 PM and Tues/Wed 9:00 am - 5:00 PM

Off the lobby of the Sonoran Sea Resort is a well-stocked little convenience store with a spiral starcase.

The store also has an espresso bar serving Starbucks. Guests staying at the resort can stop in for some top of the line coffee to start their day.

Head upstairs and you will find a secluded seating area filled with plush sofas. Just the place to chill and enjoy your favorite coffee drink.

Note that this is not a full-on Starbucks coffee shop, in the resort setting the franchise offers just the coffee bar service.

Convenience Store Features

Convenience Store

Stop in for a quick drink.

Our friendly staff is happy to serve you!
Starbucks Coffee

Proudly Serving Starbucks Coffee

Grab your favorite Starbucks Beverage
Upstairs Coffee Lounge

Upstairs Coffee Lounge

Relax and enjoy your favorite coffee drink.
Sonoran Sea Resort Convenience Store

Forgot Something?

Stop in to the store. We may have it!
Sonoran Sea Resort Terrace Condo

Refrigerated Section

Water, soda, milk, eggs, butter, etc.
Sonoran Sea Resort 4BR Terrace Condo

Desserts and Pastries Too!

Something for the sweet tooth or to go with a cup of coffee!