Sonoran Sea Resort COVID-19 Updates

As of 05/09/2022:

Update on masks! Today - May 9th - The Health & Safety Board in Puerto Peñasco issued agreement on ending mandatory mask use in government offices, businesses, and enclosed spaces. This is effective immediately.

As of 04/29/2022:

No changes since last update, all below are still in effect.

As of 02/02/2022:

Updated Info

As of 11/24/2021:

All health measures previously reported on August 8th (see below) remain in effect.

More information on the Rocky Point 360 site.

As of 08/08/2021:

Health measures re-instated in Rocky Point go into effect Aug 9th.

More information on the Rocky Point 360 site.

As of 05/15/2021:

Update on health measures in Rocky Point

Health & Safety Board approve easing some restrictions:

More information on the Rocky Point 360 site.

As of 04/06/2021:

As of 03/26/2021:

Semana Santa / Easter Update

This morning the city's Secretery Terencio Gutierrez and Health Coordinator Erick Gastelum announced:

  1. No Filter at the entrance of town.
  2. You can voluntarily present your negative covid test and receive discounts on your reservations (must be presented when making reservation, before travel to Mexico) or food consumption at local participating restaurants.
  3. CURFEW starting today through April 11th:  Monday - Thursday 12AM - 6AM; Friday - Sunday 1AM - 6AM.
  4. Beaches will have strict protocols:  No alcohol sales (BYO - no glass bottles); no camping; beach closes at 7PM.  Pick up your trash!
  5. Playa Hermosa Beach with have voluntary COVID testing on Fri - Sun from 12PM - 5PM.
  6. Malecon closes at 11PM
  7. There will be informative filters around town and Federal highways throught the State of Sonora.
  8. Random covid testing will be done on 10% of the occupancy at resorts (only) at no cost. 
  9. The border is OPEN from 6AM - 8PM.

As of 03/22/2021:

Spring Break & Semana Santa 2021 Health Protocols in Rocky Point

General health prevention measures already in place (mandatory use of masks in public, reduced capacities in establishments, social distancing) remain in effect.

Hours for Activities / Curfews during Spring Break period (Feb. 26th – March 14th) and Semana Santa (March 29th – April 4th)

Hotels, motels, condos, rentals, resorts:

Restaurants / Bars

Beaches – Playa Hermosa, Playa Bonita, Mirador, Mi Playa, and La Cholla ADHERE TO MEASURES ESTABLISHED BY ZOFEMAT (Federal Maritime Land Zone office)

Sports fishing and boats for tourism

Malecon area

In town – Calle 13, Mirador, and throughout the city

Event / meeting halls:

Businesses / Churches

As of 03/17/2021:

As of 02/25/2021:

Municipal Health & Safety Board approves strategies to prevent spread of COVID-19 over Spring Break and Semana Santa.

As of 11/7/2020:

Municipal Health and Safety Board extended citywide curfew to 11pm (instead of 10pm).

As of 11/2/2020:

Peñasco tightens health restrictions:

  1. Curfew Changes:
    1. 10pm - 6am
  2. Mask Requirements:
    1. Required in cars when more than 1 person in car - regardless of family/friends, etc.
    2. Mandatory in eating establishments when entering/leaving/going to restroom. Only to be removed when eating.
  3. Social Events:
    1. At Event Centers: Only allowed until 8pm and at 40% capacity.
    2. At homes: Max capacity 10 people, preferably only family, and no music at high volumes (live bands, loud speakers)
  4. Supermarkets::
    1. Only 1 person per family to enter supermarkets, convenience stores, masks are mandatory.
    2. 30% capacity inside supermarkets or department stores.
  5. Beach Rules::
    1. Beach hours remain in effect, allowing for exercise from 6am - 8am and 5pm - 7pm. General beach hours 8am - 7pm.
    2. Masks required when entering / departing beach. Not in water or in personal area once settled.

As of 8/27/2020:

Peñasco moves on to Phase 7 of reopening plans:

  1. Curfew Changes:
    1. Aug 27-31 11pm - 6am (extended hours to 11pm for taco / hot dog stands, not restaurants.
    2. Sept 1st: 12am - 6am (includes restaurants)
  2. Entry Filter (Sonoyta-Peñasco Highway) Hours:
    1. Aug 27-31: 6am - 11pm
    2. Sept 1-8: 6am - 12am
    3. Sept 8th: Filter Removed
  3. Alcohol Sales:
    1. Convenience Stores / Grocery Stores: Until 6pm
    2. Restaurants / Bars permitted until later.
  4. Beginning Oct 1st:
    1. Re-opening of event halls, along with authorization to hold family and social events, in compliance with health and safety protocols (40% capacity)

As of 7/29/2020:

Expected Opening Dates:

  1. August 1st: Beaches re-opening.  The following are the protocols to be followed:
    1. Recreational hours for general use are 8:00 am - 7:00 pm.
    2. Hours for exercising along the beach are 6:00 am - 8:00 am and 5:00 pm - 7:00 pm.
    3. Groups of 10 people or less will be allowed as long as they are following social distancing.
    4. No more than five persons per palapa.
    5. Beach umbrellas must be separated by at least 9 ft from each other.
    6. The beach area and access to the beach in front of the resort will be controlled and regulated by the HOA.
  2. August 15th: Fitness Center re-opens.

As of 7/8/2020:

Puero Peñasco approves Phase 5 of gradual reopening process.

Starting Today:

Entry to Rocky Point for residents from Sonoyta for essential activities.

  1. Must show proof of residence in Sonoyta.
  2. Access for essential activities only.
  3. Use of masks by everyone in vehicle.
  4. Preferably no minors under 12 or adults over 65 (not mandatory).

Starting July 15th:

Entry of family, friends, and visitors in general (including vacation home owners), under previously established health measures, and depending on having Covid-19 Diagnostic Equipment for PCR tests and evaluation in place. If equipment is not in place by this date, this date will be pushed back until it is.

Starting August 1st:

  1. Removal of health filters set up by the municipality of Puerto Peñasco, under the condition the epidemiological evaluation of cases in the area remains the same. To the contrary, the health filter will remain in place.
  2. Reopening of businesses known as “Tianguis” (community markets), under the following criteria: 50% capacity / Establishing work schedules, considering all businesses / Possibility to operate multiple days / Owner and/or whomever is responsible must sign Commitment Letter with the Office of Economic Development as well as complete Training Course led by the Office of Civil Protection.
  3. Fulfill all health and safety guidelines.

Starting August 15th:

  1. Reactivation of athletic fields (soccer, volleyball, basketball, among others), under the following guidelines: Representatives / promoters of Athletic Leagues will be responsible for fulfilling all previously established health protocols as to any spectators or fans including: use of masks, social distancing, use of antibacterial gel, among others. / NOTE: For those doing the physical activity (players/athletes), use of gloves or masks will not be necessary during play.
  2. Reopening of Gyms, under the following criteria: Complying with all previously established health and safety protocols / 40% maximum capacity / Owner and/or whomever is responsible must sign Commitment Letter with the Office of Economic Development as well as complete Training Course led by the Office of Civil Protection.
  3. Reopening of public parks, plazas, and other public spaces (this does not include beaches as that is Federal decision and may be prior to or even after this).

As of 7/7/2020:

Travel is open through Sonoyta, Mexico. Currently to come to Rocky Point you must show that you have a reservation with an approved rental company, or proof of residence, or ID as a Mexican Citizen.

When driving through Sonoyta:

  1. Masks are required - even while in your car.
  2. No stopping in Sonoyta.
  3. Obey the speed limit.

As of 6/15/2020:

Phase III Begins Tuesday, June 16th
Entry Protocols for Tourists

Phase III begins on Tuesday, June 16th and the OCV (Convention & Visitor's Bureau) has provided the entry protocols for tourists along with the list of certified properties available for renters.

In Phase III, tourists with reservations (at an approved facility) will be able to visit Rocky Point. Condo owners will also be allowed to return, please contact your HOA for detailed information.

Guidelines MUST be followed or you will not be allowed to enter the city.

- BEACHES ARE STILL CLOSED FOR EVERYONE! Except concessions directly in front...check with your resort/hotel/rental co. (Most places have palapas on the beach.)
- Pools are OPEN
- Curfew is in place from 10:00 PM to 6:00 AM
- Masks are MANDATORY in all public places
- City recommends limited travel with children under 12 and adults over 65
- You MUST show you have a reservation at an approved property (see the list below and on their website)
- Use of Jetskis, kayaks, etc. NOT ALLOWED
- Use of ATVs and UTVs ALLOWED
- Travelling with more than 2 people in the car is ALLOWED. Masks are required.
- Malecon Common Areas CLOSED.
- Border Hours are 6AM - 8PM.

MAKE SURE YOUR RESERVATION matches your ID and the dates are correct. Bring a printed copy of your reservation. CARRY A PRINTED COPY IN YOUR VEHICLE AT ALL TIMES. If you make ANY changes to your reservation, make sure to print out a new one...ALL INFO. MUST MATCH!!

For a list of Certified/Approved Properties, visit their website at

For Spanish:

For any questions or concerns please contact them on Facebook via their page: Come to Rocky Point or contact them directly: OCV Assistance and Info: (638) 380-0444 WhatsApp: (638) 116-1546 or 105-3384 Hours: 9:00 AM to 7:00 PM

OCV is also working with the City and you can visit their web page at or visit their Facebook page at Gobierno de Puerto Peñasco. de Puerto Peñasco.

As of 6/14/2020:

Peñasco Phase III update - Lot's of misinformation and confusion going around. As of last night, this is what we've heard (note this is still a fluid situation, and could change again).

  1. Condo owners are only allowed in to the town if they have their condo sanitized and certified by an authorized sanitization company. Once condo is certified, owner should provide certification to the HOA to be placed on the access list for the town. Sonoran Sea Owners - please check our FB page for more up to date info.
  2. Only renters with confirmed reservations, and proof of reservation are allowed.
  3. The Resorts must be certified to open common areas. The Sonoran Sea is in the process of completing the requirements for this.
  4. Temperatures will be taken at the gate, no need for thermal cameras at the resort.
  5. A certified company will be required to disinfect the common areas initially, after that the employees can continue the disinfecting measures.
  6. Mexican Puerto Peñasco residents who are not currently in town, are not allowed back in town either. They gave 12 days to do so at the end of May / Early June and that is no longer available.
  7. Guests who do arrive at the resort during Phase III will not be allowed to have more than 2 persons in their car at a time, if they choose to drive around town.
  8. Beaches remain closed. Guests will only be able to be under the Sonoran Sea Resort Palapa's. If they move closer to the water, the authorities will be called.
  9. Gyms, BBQ's, Tennis Court remain closed.

Please see visit for more information on access to Rocky Point.

As of 6/3/2020:

Peñasco Phase II update - This morning, mayor Kiko Munro reaffirmed both local and State Health authorities have confirmed restaurants can move forward under the city's "Activate Peñasco" plan by allowing dine in service - only at 40% capacity and under strict health measures. Note: masks necessary in public spaces (not while eating of course), no large groups, use the disinfectant gel at the entrance. Phase II curfew remains at 10 pm.  Peñasco is working hard to care for itself with sights set on reopening to visitors on June 16th.  Gobierno de Puerto Peñasco Kiko Munro #samestormdifferentboats #consumelocal IMPORTANT!! For ANY business (restaurant, upcoming openings, etc.) you MUST follow the steps outlined by City including 1. Letter of Commitment (available at Economic Development Office at City Hall 8 am - 3 pm) 2. Participate in course provided by Protección Civil on health guidelines (receive certificate) 3. Have establishment sanitized - this is free (if done by City / Protección Civil) or once you reach this step, you can contract a local business (who also could REALLY use the business) and then have Protección Civil verify. THESE ARE NECESSARY STEPS FOR ANY BUSINESS/RESTAURANT PLANNING TO REOPEN.

As of 6/1/2020:

Phase II Re-opening begins.

As of 5/27/2020:

Use of thermal cameras will provide 10 day period for Peñasco residents to enter city (starting May 27) The measure is meant to provide a way for full-time residents to retun to town, though still under strict health protocols as Peñasco moves toward Phase II of its reopening plans.  Press Release.

As of 5/19/2020:

Today (May 19), the US Department of Homeland Security announced regulations on no non-essential travel from Mexico / Canada to the U.S. are extended to June 22nd.

As of 5/18/2020:

Phase I Re-opening begins.

As of 5/11/2020:

Puerto Peñasco proposes phasing in gradual reopening of activities starting May 18th.

Phase I Estimated from May 18th – May 31st


Businesses that operate via prior appointments, and only in tending to one client at a time, such as: beauty salons, barber shops, spa, mechanics, electricians, sewing workshops, A/C service providers, printers, and others that apply Businesses that are able to deliver their services directly or provide services without clients entering their establishment, for example: restaurants, copy stores, florists, beauty supply distributors, coffee shops, small convenience stores, fumigators, shoe stores, jewelry, street vendors of food or crafts (but NOT in tourist areas of beach or Malecon), furniture stores (only for sale of air-conditioners, fans, refrigerators), and others that may provide delivery service. Access to the “La Milla” recreational area – Limit 50 people/hour. Personnel from Public Safety, Municipal Health, and the Municipal Sports Office will supervise activities at the recreational space. Limit 1 hour per person. Construction projects with worker limits depending on size of construction: 1 worker per every 50m2 of construction, no dining area, transportation to/from site of no more than 9 people. This opening includes cement, gravel, block makers/providers, as well as for transportation (within the city) of construction material.

Phase II Estimated from June 1st – June 15th (If criteria from Phase I is met)


The following may begin to operate at 40% capacity: restaurants, coffee shops, taco places, pizza establishments, fruit drink/smoothie sale points, furniture stores, distributors, gyms, and others that may apply (ongoing information made available as possible) Opening of Public Spaces, with social distancing of 6 ft between people or stands: street vendors (does NOT apply to beach or Malecon), ecotourism (for residents IN PEÑASCO – i.e. Morua Estuary), golf, sports fishing, water activities, ATV rentals Places of worship may reopen under recommended prevention measures including: 6 ft. distance between families, use of every other pew or chairs, ongoing sanitizing of chairs, pews, entries, and exits after each service.

Phase 3 Estimated mid-June (If criteria from Phase II are met)

General reopening of additional local businesses, under strict health criteria to be determined as appropriate. Proposal for entry of visitors into Puerto Peñasco in Phase III Installation of thermal cameras and video cameras at north health filter into city (road block) Each person wishing to enter the city will be asked to go through the thermal screening If the camera detects an anomaly (raised body temperature), a second review will be done via a rapid test for coronavirus, isolating the person from their companions as necessary. If the rapid test is positive, the person will be asked to return to their point of original and given recommendations to prevent contagion with anyone else on their way to a health center. Full reopening of economic activities: Phase 3 will remain in effect until there are no new outbreaks.

As of 4/23/2020:

It was reported last night by the Secretary of Public Health in Sonora that the first case of COVID-19 in Puerto Peñasco has been confirmed, information changes every day and the number of cases in Sonora are now 182 and 22 deaths.

Mouth and nose masks are now mandatory while being out of your house, failing to do so may result in sanctions by local authorities.

As of 4/16/2020:

The Mexican Federal Government has extended the quarantine period through May 30th. Although Puerto Peñasco has had no confirmed cases, it is in close proximity to neighboring municipalities with cases, which means it is likely that Puerto Peñasco will not re-open until May 30th as well. See the full story on

As of 4/13/2020:

Statewide measures in effect today thru April 30th. Guidelines state ONLY 1 person per vehicle, and provide 6 specific reasons to leave the house:

  1. For food, pharmacy, and primary need products.
  2. To go to health clinics, hospitals, or centers or an establishment with an essential service.
  3. To go to workplaces for those continuing to work in essential activities.
  4. Returning home.
  5. Helping or care for the elderly, dependent minors, persons with disabilities or that are particularly vulnerable.
  6. Going to financial entities (banks).

As of 4/10/2020:

Kiko Munro announces new restrictive measures to contain COVID-19 contagion. As of 6 a.m. today new measures are in place in Puerto Peñasco in efforts to prevent possible Covid-19 contagion in the city. These include:

As of 4/3/2020:

Puerto Peñasco Security Board meeting today approved a 24 hour stay at home curfew. The only activities permitted are for essential sercies only (food, gas, health, pharmacies, infrastructure, government, financial services). Entry into the town is restricted to residents only with proof of residence (phone bill/CFE bill). Any foreigners coming into Puerto Peñasco (ie from the US) that have a residence in Puerto Peñasco, must do a self isolation for 12 days. These measures will remain in effect until Federal/State declaration as to end of Covid-19 health contingency. Fines will be assessed for non-compliance.

As of 3/30/2020:

The Federal Health Department declared a state of emergency for the entire country. All non-essential services must close. As a result, Casago has closed the front desk, and Casago management will be working from home.

As of 3/27/2020:

Effective today the Sonoran Sea is closing the pools and jacuzzi's in order to comply with the Governor of Sonora's state of "Sanitary Emergency" declaration.

Puerto Peñasco curfew hours changed to 10:00 PM - 6:00 AM

As of 3/26/2020:

Notification to HomeOwners - the HOA General Owners Meeting originally scheduled for April 25th has been cancelled. The SC and the AC will continue to work together to provide all the information that was going to be presented during this meeting to all owners electronically. Everyone can expect this information by April 25th, 2020.

As of 3/25/2020:

The mayor of Puerto Peñasco has insituted a curfew. No non-essential travel outside your home between the hours of 8:00 PM - 6:00 AM.

Casago has modified front desk hours to be: Thu - Sun 9:00AM - 5:00 PM; Fri - Sat: 8:00 AM - 8:00 PM

As of 3/22/2020:

The onsite restaurant - El Restaurant de Ramón is closed for the next two weeks.  No takeout or delivery options are available from El Restaurant de Ramón.

As of 3/20/2020:

The Mexican Government has closed all public beaches, and beginning tomorrow (3/21/2020), the US/Mexico border will be closed to all non-essential traffic. Please contact the appropriate border control authorities if you have questions regarding border crossings.

At the resort we have closed the fitness center, and Casago is closing the front desk for the night shift.  Front desk hours will be 7:00 AM - 11:00 PM until further notice. Ramon's restaurant is still open, and the beach palapa's and volleyball area are available for use.

We encourage our owners, guests, and employees to stay away from the beach, avoid crowds or gathering of more than 10 people, continue with the personal hygiene recommendations, and follow the directions of our security personnel.

If you have questions regarding an upcoming reservation, please contact Casago or the owner you rented through.